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Amidst the great success of Danish track cycling and cycling in general, we at DCU are eagerly looking forward to the 2024 Track Cycling World Championships, as it will take place on home turf at Ballerup Super Arena from October 16th to 20th next year.

Project coordinator Andreas Juul Ingvartsen, who travelled to Glasgow to gather inspiration and learn from this year’s Scottish organizers, reports that preparations are proceeding as planned. He also mentioned that both Danish and international audiences will soon be able to get their hands on tickets for the event next year:

“With just a year to go until the World Championships, everything is proceeding according to plan. We have a strong and close collaboration with talented individuals from Ballerup Idrætsby, Sport Event Denmark, and Wonderful Copenhagen. Additionally, we’ve initiated a significant partnership with the local cycling club DBC, which has valuable experience in organizing top-tier international track races. We’re thrilled about this collaboration, as we aim to firmly establish the World Championships in Ballerup. We’re currently working tirelessly to unveil the website, the finalized program, and, most importantly, to kick off ticket sales. Regarding ticket sales, we expect them to become available exactly one year ahead of the World Championships, so mark October 16th, 2023, on your calendar. For those who want to secure their spot at the front of the line, you can subscribe to our mailing list on our temporary website,” explained Andreas Juul Ingvartsen.

In the sports sector, there is also excitement about the opportunity to compete in front of the home crowd:

“It will undoubtedly be a unique experience to showcase ourselves in front of what we hope will be a packed Ballerup Super Arena. It’s fantastic to feel the enthusiasm from Danish cycling fans now, so hopefully, we can give something back with great cycling races and medals next year in Ballerup. We can certainly promise that in 2024, we will be in peak form, as we must deliver top performances at the Paris Olympics and subsequently at the World Championships on home turf. 2024 is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting year for Danish track cycling,” said Martin Lollesgaard, assistant coach for the track national team.

If you want to be among the first to receive updates about the 2024 Track Cycling World Championships at Ballerup Super Arena from October 16th to 20th next year, you can sign up on the website:

This is also where you can find all information about the program, disciplines, side events, and more in the future